Abyssion – Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki LP


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Finnish Blackmetal psychonauts from the outer limits, Abyssion, are releasing their new full length album “Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki” on July 3rd, 2015 via Svart Records

Featuring members of Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu and hand-picked by Kvohst (Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, Hexvessel, ex-DHG/Code) as the first in a series of releases for his Svart imprint label Secret Trees, Abyssion is a rare treasure in a scene in nuclear meltdown. The music on the recording is a mind-altering mix of Burzumic hypnosis and classic Finnish punk. It comes on like a dosage of the purest form of an early 90s Blackmetal drug and kicks into a euphoric state of punk abandon, like the early morning hours of a drunken festival in the middle of a Finnish forest. Together with their contemporaries and cohorts in Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu, Abyssion are one of the most exciting and dangerous bands in the exploding Finnish dark psychedelic metal scene right now.

Recorded and mixed in Tampere’s Wastement, which is home to some of the most clandestine musical freakery to come out of Finland, and mastered by Jack Control (Darkthrone, Poison Idea) at Enormous Door in Texas, USA.

Get closer to the “Luonnon Harmonia Ja Vihreä Liekki” (“Harmony of Nature and The Green Flame”) and let Abyssion heavily intoxicate you as they rock your mind through the forest to the other side of darkness.

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