Bezwering – Aan de wormen overgeleverd CD


BEZWERING from Gelderland, the Netherlands, is an entity risen from the tomb containing the remains of Wederganger. Continuing in the vein of its illustrious predecessor, BEZWERING forges Undeath Metal marked by rabid aggression and utter despair since 2018.Following the 2019 demo heralding the first album with two of its songs, the 2020 full-length Aan de wormen overgeleverd (Handed over to the worms) catapults nine undead cadavers into the world of the living.


1. Vredeloos
2. Nagezeten
3. Rouwstoet
4. Uitgeteerd
5. Aan gene zijde
6. Terror terroris
7. Geen bloemen op mijn graf
8. Het tweede gezicht
9. Waanzinskolk

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