Blut Aus Nord – MoRT LP


Here is simply one of the most sinister, obscure and terrifyingly unique records of all time!

MoRT” is the chasm of real madness, a pure abomination, the deformed echo of a lawless musical form…a murky crawling magma of dead microtones that petrified and transformed the entire Black Metal scene.

This controversial and CULT release is a putrid collection of complex compositions built on enharmonic principles. A deranged dissonant kingdom of unfathomable guitar textures, ghostly voices, agonizing drum patterns, unhealthy glissandos and chromaticisms close in spirit to the darkest reaches of avant-garde 20th century classical music.

On this unearthly masterpiece, shadowy French black metal legends BLUT AUS NORD redefined the boundaries of pure creativity, took their earlier experimentation to a logically perverse conclusion and offered Black Metal its ugliest and most unique representation to date.

MoRT” is painful, disturbing and destabilizing. This monumental and essential piece of Art is undoubtedly still your worst nightmare.

Comes with 12″x12″ 12-page booklet.

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