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Australian death/black metal unit CONSUMMATION have completed work on their debut full-length album “The Great Solar Hunter” set for release on CD/2xLP/Digital on June 7.  CONSUMMATION is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Craig Young (ex-Impetuous Ritual) who is joined by drummer David Hayley (of technical death metal wizards Psycroptic) and bassist Joel Rademaker.  Alongside the central CONSUMMATION trio, “The Great Solar Hunter” also features guitarist John Gossard (Dispirit/Asunder/The Gault/Weakling) among its ranks, Gossard lending his guitar work to this colossal work in helping to elevate it to and even darker, more warped and epic plateau.

“The Great Solar Hunter” succeeds the band’s 2017 “Ritual Severance” EP (Invictus Productions) which was the follow-up to their 2012 self-titled demo.  “The Great Solar Hunter” is the result of the band’s serpentine-like build up since inception, to a impenetrable demonic yet monolithic sound.   The band’s elongated tracks are a key element that define their sonic vastness.  Dark, murky, atmosphere-drenched dissonance and twisted guitar riff mutations flow through tension and intense passage while they shape-shift towards building something even more of grandeur; culminating in epic and moving moments of melancholic majesty and triumph.  It is through such characteristics that give CONSUMMATION a sense of singularity and noteworthiness within the mire of extreme death/black metal.

Track Listing:
1. Ophidian Crown
2. The Great Solar Hunter
3. Phosphor Libation
4. Apotheoses
5. The Eminent Fires Of Sacrifice

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