Lugubrum – De Zuivering LP


First time ever on vinyl for this classic 1998 release. The latest in the Lugubrum vinyl series.

Black vinyl with gold printed sleeve and A3 lyric poster.

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Dad, who is that man in the forest?
That’s Dr. Zwelg in the Ardennes.
Is he a real doctor?
Why is he holding a stick?
That’s for the examination.

What’s that white thing in his other hand?
That’s a can of beer, beer came in white cans in those days.
What’s he doing in the forest?
Getting drunk by the fire listening to Beherit tapes and eating carrots.
Because there was nothing better to do.
I mean why did you draw him?
Because I wanted to capture the raw essence of the birth of Boersk Blek Metle in 1998.

Can I listen to Macklemore?
Yeah, but please keep the volume down.

“De Zuivering” LP, Aphelion Productions, winter 2016

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