Black Metal Media 1992-1994 book


Black Metal Media 1992-1994” was put together by Hermann. C of the Black Metal Museum page. The book is a Hardcover with over 400 scans of Norwegian media coverage of the Black Metal scene. As has been granted by the outlets, each of these contains English summaries and translations of key information, providing a historical timeline of events as reported by the media.

Please note that we will only be printing the amount of copies ordered + a few extras. So, if you want to ensure you get a copy, order before December 1st. The first orders will be given priority and shipping will start late January / early February 2021.


The book comes with as a 210x297mm Hardcover with a gloss laminated cover and art paper interior. The book contains (+-150) pages of high quality art pages in landscape. Previously the book was (+-300) pages long as it was to be printed in portrait mode which in most cases only allowed for 1 scan per page. The page count has now been lowered as the design has been changed to landscape mode. This was more fitting as now we can fit at least 2 scans per page. The content is still exactly the same. This was also done to lower the cost as with (+-300) pages the book would have cost almost double to print and would have also been over 1kg (almost doubling the shipping cost as well).


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