Primitive Man – Steel Casket LP


The first week of April, 2017 witnessed Primitive Man enter into the venerable Flatline Audio for what has now become their latest full length opus entitled “Caustic” which was released last fall on Relapse Records. Due to a schedule opening, Dave Otero at Flatline had an extra day available for recording and the band went back into the studio to create the two tracks that are now being presented as a limited cassette release by Crown and Throne Ltd. (US) and Tartarus Records (NL).

While retaining the same feel of their previous noise release “P//M”, which was released by Tartarus Records (cassette) and Crown and Throne Ltd. (2xLP), the two tracks bring new elements into the fold including more ambient/drone interludes that help carry the harsh noise walls into longer sustained passages. For two tracks, combined at just over 45 minutes of length, the band takes into consideration the professional studio assistance that was not available during the recording of “P//M” to provide a grander scale of wanton destruction via unsettling clamor that these tracks manifest. As before, a complicated and uneasy listening experience that only this band can provide.

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