Subrosa Subdued Live At Roadburn 2017 LP (black)


First ever live album by Subrosa after 5 studio albums on labels as Profound Lore and I Hate Records.

  • Recorded at the prestigious Roadburn Festival 2017 in a packed Patronaat.
  • Mixed and mastered by Andy Patterson of Subrosa.

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JJ Koczan from the Obelisk about the Subrosa gig at Roadburn 2017 captured on this release: “Set of the weekend? How about set of the year? Every Roadburn brings some landmark moment — at least one — andSubRosa (Photo by JJ Koczan) for me, SubRosa‘s performance of “Mirror” was it. Lined up across the front of the stage, Rebecca Vernon led Sarah Pendleton and Kim Pack in harmonies while tapping one of Andy Patterson‘s drum sticks on the mic stand. It was gorgeous and devastating. Patterson backed on percussion, and though bassist Levi Hanna had that song off, his still-plugged-in low end gave heft to the rest of the band’s material, including set-closer “No Safe Harbor,” which with bars of light shooting down from the rig above them proved just as heavy as their runthrough of “For this We Fought the Battle of Ages” yesterday on the Main Stage. It was stunning. Something genuinely special.”

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