Terra Tenebrosa – The Purging CD


This reissue comes in a Digipack packaging with original artwork encased in a slipcase with new artwork crafted by Dehn Sora. An exclusive “tarot” card is included with all copies. Audio content is identical to the Trust No One Recordings version.

In 2013, two years after nightmarish first album “The Tunnels“, TERRA TENEBROSA went a step further as they released a second assault against orthodox approaches to musical extremity, against any form of goodness or hope, and against your own comfort!

TERRA TENEBROSA are an enigma who use a variety of tools to imprison you in their sad and desolate world: infernal and hypnotic drumming, sinister tremolo riffs of austere intensity and The Cuckoo‘s inhuman howls and devilish whispers which further-lend this infected masterpiece an aura of distress and misery.

The Purging” is a madness overdose, a harrowing album that redefines the limits of abyssal Black Metal, poisonous Hardcore, creepy Noise Rock and Avant-Garde insanity.

TERRA TENEBROSA have created an uncompromising sonic tome to the expunging of life, without light, without hope, sans repentance… a chilling soundtrack to the inevitable end!

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