Terra Tenebrosa – The Reverses 2LP


The Reverses” is excessive, fascinating, burning and just… purely extreme!

The definitive soundtrack to a dying world.

All copies come with black record, screen-print on side D, A2 poster, printed innersleeves and download card.

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Born from the ashes of cult Swedish Post-Hardcore band BREACH, since 2009 the enigmatic entity that is TERRA TENEBROSA have created masterfully imposing concoctions of sulphurous, tormented Black Metal and demonic Hardcore and their Dante-esque new offering is no exception!

The Reverses” is mind-crushing: artistically uncompromising, bone-shatteringly intense and devilishly heavy – a contorted monument to sinister devastation.

The atmosphere distilled on this suffocating record is ignominious and truly eschatological. Layered malicious sounds lurk beneath a frenetic flow of creepy riffing; the perpetual echoes of nebulous voices are enmeshed within walls of guitar noise atop imposing drums furiously hammering home a destructive rhythmic march. As if that were not frightening enough, guesting leading names of the extreme scene – Jonas A Holmberg (THIS GIFT IS A CURSE), Alex Stjernfeldt (THE MOTH GATHERERMkM (ANTAEUSAOSOTH) and Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD) – provide a ghastly final touch.

After “The Tunnels” (2011) and “The Purging” (2013) – two incredible, unreal albums internationally acclaimed for their amazingly strange singularity – TERRA TENEBROSA have pushed the boundaries of their thrilling approach to offer up a masterpiece, their finest work to date. “The Reverses” is a gloriously obscure compendium of chaotic styles, dark soundscapes and frantic elements, raised aloft to the Apocalypse.

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