Volahn – Aq’ab’al CD


– 4 Panel Digipack CD With 8 Page Booklet On 135gsm Art Paper

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Clocking in at close to 60 minutes, this album is chockfull of 10ish minute journeys that result in anger, darkness, blackened fury, melodic guitar leads, and haunting acoustic work. Songs like the spectacular “Bonampak” and “Koyopa” top the eleven minute mark and utilize everything from Norwegian to post-black styles to tell their stories. “Bonampak” begins with a standard tremolo-picking BM assault and rasping vox before introducing Alcest-meets-Watain atmosphere that glides into some Spanish plucking. Opener “Najtir Ichik” incorporates similar BM riffage and an acoustic guitar/key outro, but it’s the Shadowthrone-era acoustic guitar at the end of “Koyopa” that’s the most memorable and haunting of them all.

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