Wederganger / Kjeld – Split LP (black)


After both releasing amazing full lengths and splits (Kjeld with Cirith Gorgor and Wederganger with Laster) in the past years, both bands team up for an equally great split album.

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The three tracks by Kjeld follow their lone 2015 albym Skym and a 2015 split with Cirith Gorgor. The music is fierce and fiery, augmented by a maniacal vocal delivery and riveting drumwork, and the surging riffs are equally attention-grabbing, ranging from venomous and barbaric in their atmosphere to sweeping and majestic, with the melancholy grandeur of the latter passages enhanced by waves of soaring, mystical ambience. The songs are a great blend of frenzied intensity and compelling, evocative melody.

Like Kjeld, Wederganger released a full-length album in 2015, named Halfvergaan ontwaakt, and they participated in a split with Laster that was released last May. Wederganger’s two tracks make for a fine complement to Kjeld’s songs. There’s a swinging rhythm and a hooky opening riff in “Laaiende Haat”, which then alternates with bursts of savagery, just as ugly, cracked-ice vocals alternate with somber, near-operatic clean vocals. The song segues into a rocking back-beat without losing the music’s pervasive atmosphere of grimness. before one final burst of cold seething and swarming.

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