Witte Wieven / Reiziger – Vlucht LP


Witte Wieven, hailing from Tilburg (NL) and Reiziger (NL), a solo effort from Laster’s N., have joined forces to create a musical trip that drowns the listener in a trance-like yet fierce atmosphere. Both bring forth one long, atmospheric black metal track that slowly unfolds its mysteries.

Met Beide Benen In Het Niets” (Witte Wieven) has a warm, melancholic feeling to it. The song is meticulously built up layer per layer and slowly creeps into your head. Reminds of (old) Altar Of Plagues.

Dauw en daad” (Reiziger) will hypnotise you with its lo-fi, chiling riffs, mesmerizing drums, icy synths and howling shrieks.

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