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Manipura “33” and “Anomia” out now on MC

Manipura, an anonymous duo from Athens, Greece, has been formed early 2020.

The atmospheric industrial black metal they create, is a manifestation of their contempt for humanity. Once engaged in their music, you will be lifted towards an outer-self, inner-core emergence of anti-being. In nothingness, we gain total emptiness.

They have crafted two impressive, atmospheric industrial black metal albums. While both albums clearly fall in this subgenre, they showcase different aspects of the genre.

33 is filled to the brim with atmosphere and leans towards the style known from Borgne.
Anomia, on the other hand, has more bursts of energy and aggression, not unlike Impaled Nazarene.
Both albums show a love for Mysticum, DHG, Thorns and the likes.

33 and Anomia are available on music cassette as of now.

Buy 33 MC.
Buy Anomia MC.

As always, they’re also streamable on our YouTube and Bandcamp channels.


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