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Second track premiere of Tides, the debut album from FREJA

Listen to Of Those Stricken By Fate, the second track of FREJA‘s striking debut album TIDES.

The difference with the first premiered track Our Chosen Path couldn’t be bigger. Where the first track was thundering and crushing, these towers of sound are not to be found on Of Those Stricken By Fate. This track shows a more melancholic and ethereal side of the band.

These two sides of the band blend perfectly on the four remaining tracks on the album.

TIDES will be released on both LP and CD on April 22nd.
The band will play the renowned Roadburn Festival on the very release day.

Pre-order LP here.
Pre-order CD here.

FREJA are a duo hailing from the Netherlands, consisting of C. (Witte Wieven) and W. (Laster, Verval). The two found each other musically during the lead-up to Roadburn 2019 while working on the commissioned piece Maalstroom – a veritable “supergroup” of the ever-thriving Dutch black metal scene, including members from the esteemed likes of Fluisteraars, Turia, Terzij de Horde, Verwoed, and Grey Aura among others – and they decided to continue that creative energy with FREJA.

Tides is FREJA’s first public recording, and a more auspicious debut one will not find. The duo’s shared interest in atmospheric metal is immediately reflected in FREJA’s towers of sound, built upon layers of dense-yet-spacious riffs, subtly shimmering melodies, and plausibly catchy compositions which include themes that evolve throughout each of the album’s six songs. Thundering, crushing, almost inescapably so? Yes, but also immensely ethereal and sometimes as smooth as gossamer, creating a paradoxically levitation aspect that effortlessly carries the listener through these Tides.