Nevel – Leven CD


Galgenvot (guitars, lyrics, bass, vocals) (Wrang)
W. Damiaen (bass, drums, vocals, synth) (Laster, Verval, Mystagogue)

With Leven, NEVEL bring 45 minutes of modern and fresh-sounding black metal. This one-track album is well crafted and composed with captivating riffs and sinister keys. The clear and crisp production enhances all aspects of the music: it’s fierce without being aggressive, emotion-laden without being downright sad or melancholic. This makes it very real, urgent and in your face.

Leven (life, to live) tells the story about a person struggling through life without a real perspective.

The doubt, frustration, disbelief or even despair while searching for something bigger or meaningful, is almost palpable. You can hear the person losing his or her mind while trying to get a grip on and figure out the meaning of life, right up to the point where desperation takes over and all hope and perspective is lost.
Paradoxically, this letting go of expectations proves to be the key to life: to accept the fact that there is no bigger meaning. Don’t care about what can go wrong, what will happen if you do this or don’t do that. Just be. And from just being and accepting life as it is, the overwhelming feeling of hope grows from within. Hope that leads to embracing the future with an open mind, without knowing what awaits you.

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