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Witch Trail reveal the first single of the new album

Witch Trail have unleashed “Watcher”, the first single of the upcoming album “The Sun has left the Hill”.

The album will be released November 15 by Babylon Doom Cult Records (LP) and Consouling Sounds (CD).

LP can be ordered here.

CD can be ordered here.

Witch Trail will play a release show in Antwerp Music City November 14. Find all info here:

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Witch Trail – The Sun has left the Hill LP will be released November 15

Good news everyone!

On November 15, Babylon Doom Cult Records will release the new WITCH TRAIL full-length ‘The Sun has left the Hill” as an amazing gatefold LP. Consouling Sounds will take care of the CD version.

‘The Sun has left the Hill” is an ambitious concept album about the world of sleep and dreams. As ever with WITCH TRAIL, there’s not one genre to label their music. Fans who are already acquainted with the unique mix of noise rock, post metal and black metal already know WITCH TRAIL have the craftsmanship and riffs to compel the listener time after time.

Pre-orders are open:

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Witch Trail – Thole EP test pressings… APPROVED!!!

After a lot of delay, let’s hope it’s finally safe to say Witch Trail’s Thole EP vinyl version is in production!

In the meantime a CD version is imminent and the whole EP is available on a “name your price” basis on bandcamp.

So go ahead, listen to this 34 minutes of quite unique music, get the exclusive preorder with a white crewneck sweater while it’s still here or preorder the vinyl only.

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Witch Trail “Thole” EP stream and update

Online stream

The fine folks at CVLT Nation are streaming the full Thole EP by Witch Trail! Go and listen to these six tracks!

Some well-deserved quotes:

  • “They can go from genre to genre in one tune without skipping a beat.”
  • “Not enough people are talking about this band, which is wrong because they have created one of the best records of 2017.”

We at Babylon Doom Cult Records can’t agree more!

Vinyl update

While the CD version will be available next week, let’s all hope third time’s the charm regarding the vinyl cut. A new cut has been made with people from the label and the band attending the process. If all goes well, the vinyl should arrive mid to late January.

Vinyl pre-orders will be up again when the test pressing has been approved. Keep an eye out on this page or follow the Babylon Doom Cult Records Facebook page to stay up to date!

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Witch Trail “Thole EP” LP/CD update

A long overdue update on the Witch Trail “Thole EP” LP.

The first test press of Witch Trail “Thole EP” LP wasn’t up to par with our standards. Unfortunately, the second version was slightly better but still far from good. This, as you understand, makes for yet another delay…

There will be one final recut of the record. If all goes well, the record should be ready late January 2018 (yeah, I know…).
In the meantime, we’ve decided to do a CD version as well. The CD will be released later this month:
Check out the Fever Pulse preview on CVLT Nation and the Unnatural Caresses preview on YouTube.
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Witch Trail featured in Gonzo Circus magazine

Witch Trail is featured in Gonzo Circus magazine #140.

Check the teaser article here. Buy the magazine here.

The second preview track of the upcoming Thole EP, Unnatural Caresses, will be featured on Mind The Gap #127, a compilation CD that comes with the magazine. You can already check the track online.

Pre-order the LP in our webshop:

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Witch Trail – Thole EP

So, shortly after giving info about the upcoming releases, there’s already more info to give!

Babylon Doom Cult Records is proud to release Belgians forward-thinking youngsters Witch Trail‘s upcoming Thole EP (BDC004).

Witch Trail - Thole

Expect 33 minutes of a rather unique blend of black metal, post metal, 80’s wave and what-not with an old-school vibe running through the whole record.

Release date TBA.