Lhaäd – Below tape


  • Release date: December 10th.
  • Edition of 50 copies.
  • Co-release with Fólkvangr Records. US customers can order the tape here on the day of the release: https://www.folkvangrrecords.com/

Named after Hades, the Greek god of the dead and the underworld, Lhaäd is an anagram for hadal: the deepest region of the ocean, lying within oceanic trenches.
Below‘, where light is absent: the perfect surroundings for hadopelagic black metal.

Influenced by industrial and intense sounding bands like Mysticum, Thorns and Darkspace, Lhaäd creates its own unique, claustrophobic and dense atmosphere, as if a wall of water comes crushing down on you.

Below‘ is a 41-minute dive into the deepest of the deep. The pressure and lack of oxygen will make thine head spin, and going too deep will most definitely result in a certain death. Therefore extreme caution is advised before you enter the deep waters of Lhaäd.

For fans of: (old) Immortal, Mysticum, Thorns & Darkspace.

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