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Upcoming releases

While we’re anticipating the arrival of the Alkerdeel – The Speenzalvinge 2LP, which should arrive in about two weeks now, other releases are lining up nicely.

BDC002: ????????? – ???????

BDC002 will mark the first release by a foreign band on Babylon Doom Cult Records. Just like BDC001, it’s a re-release, this time of a former tape-only EP by a Dutch band. Artwork and vinyl master have been finalised and everything has been sent over to the pressing plant. More details will be announced in due time.

BDC003: Kozmotron – Kozmotron

Since we’re more concerned with good music than with genres, it shouldn’t be weird to hear that BDC Records will release a psychedelic space rock album! This Belgian band is gaining some attention and will play some bigger festivals this summer like Dunk Festival and Psyka Festival.

BDC004: Witch Trail – Thole

These Belgian youngsters are taking care of the last details for their upcoming EP. Expect 34 minutes of black/post metal with an 80’s twist!

BDC666: Bütcher – Bestial Fükkin’ Warmachine

After all the black metal and space rock, it’s time for some kickass old school speed metal! These guys are no strangers in the Antwerp underground scene and are probably the fastest riffing band around. Speed ’til death!