Invunche II LP is out now! A few exclusive long sleeves left.

Invunche have celebrated the release of the vinyl edition of II (get it here) in style.

A fully packed dB’s in Utrecht witnessed the band play through the whole album front to back. Fists pumped in the air during the pummeling parts while minds drifted off at the more psychedelic parts.

There are some exclusive long sleeves left after the release show. Only 30 were printed and they won’t be printed again! Get them while they’re hot!

Shout outs to both Lubbert Das for entrancing the crowd and Alkerdeel for a truly massive set.


Witch Trail – The Sun has left the Hill LP will be released November 15

Good news everyone!

On November 15, Babylon Doom Cult Records will release the new WITCH TRAIL full-length ‘The Sun has left the Hill” as an amazing gatefold LP. Consouling Sounds will take care of the CD version.

‘The Sun has left the Hill” is an ambitious concept album about the world of sleep and dreams. As ever with WITCH TRAIL, there’s not one genre to label their music. Fans who are already acquainted with the unique mix of noise rock, post metal and black metal already know WITCH TRAIL have the craftsmanship and riffs to compel the listener time after time.

Pre-orders are open:


Witte Wieven / Reiziger – Vlucht LP delayed

Aaaaaaaarggghhh… it seems planning isn’t the greatest quality of Babylon Doom Cult Records… or could it be the pressing plants?

Actually it doesn’t really matter, fact is that the Witte Wieven / Reiziger – Vlucht LP hasn’t arrived at the BDC office yet. The records are on their way to Europe, that’s for sure. Hopefully they’ll arrive soon, we’ll start packing and shipping the minute they arrive.

If you have ordered a copy and are not happy with the delay, please drop us a line. Shout angrily, ask your money back, tell us how to handle your order or just kindly say “Hey, it’s ok, I’ll wait”.


Willie Darktrousers & De Splinters – Glibberburen LP

What do you get when Kanye West, Swans, Horseback and De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (a Dutch hiphop band) in a blender?

Of course the autotune vocals sound like a gimmick at first. But then you listen a second time. And a third time. And slowly the gimmick makes way for just great, catchy songs with weird (Dutch) lyrics.

Buy the LP!


DSKNT – PhSPHR Entropy LP update

Start a label they said. It’ll be fun they said. Well, it is fun but there are the occasional bumps in the road.

The DSKNT release had some artwork issues to deal with. Now these are sorted, we’re facing the dreadful waiting times at the pressing plant. Long story short, the record will probably not arrive before September. Yes, September. If all goes well…

So if you’ve pre-ordered the record and want to change it or have a refund, drop us a line and we’ll sort things out.


Speed Queen delay

A message from the pressing plant came through yesterday and it’s not a pleasant one.

The Speed Queen – King of the Road LP sees another serious delay. The first date was mid december. That became late January. The new estimated date from the plant is mid March.

Trust us, we’re as anxious as you are to give this record a spin in all its glory but it seems our patience is tested yet again.

Unfortunately this is completely out of our hands. We appreciate your patience but understand that this is a frustrating situation. Drop us a line if something’s on your chest and we’ll sort it out.

Jo / Babylon Doom Cult Records